SEMCO Energy

Our Business Strategy

To deliver sustainable returns for investors over the long term, balancing income and growth. 

  • Optimize existing businesses
  • Invest and grow energy infrastructure
  • Invest in infrastructure with long economic life and underpin with long term contracts 


To be a leading North American energy infrastructure company with a focus in Canada and the northern and western United States. 


Our core values include:

  • Safety and Environment - we are environmental stewards who act knowing that safety is critical.
  • Customers - we connect with our customers' expectations and create value both in customer-facing and is support of those who are.
  • Communication - we know the value of information and communicate it effectively and appropriately.
  • Big Picture - we see the big picture and consider the impact our actions may have on all our stakeholders.

We see ourselves as:

  • Financially Astute - and are accountable for delivering what we promise.
  • Trailblazers - with lots of ideas and dreams who are not afraid to be different or ask though questions that challenge the status quo.
  • Decisive - and seize the opportunities to create value.